Tool shop

When founding our company, it was clear to us that the main priority of the path to success is to build our own tool shop, which will be equipped with high qualitytools and equipment.

Thanks to the production of tools, molds or prototypes in-house, we have significant financial savings, but also greater flexibility to meet the requirements of our customers and independence from the capacity of external tool shops, which are often limited.

Our tool shop also supports the smooth running of our own plastic molding plant and allows us to provide an above-standard and individual approach to our customers.

All products that we produce in our tool shop according to strict quality control.

We perform the following processes

  • Construction (3D models of tools, creation of drawing documentation)
  • Repairs and production of injection molds, cutting tools
  • Renovation of unused molds and reworking into a new product
  • Modification of molds and cutting tools
  • WEDM and EDM
  • Production of electrodes (copper and graphite)
  • CNC machining
  • Turning
  • Surface grinding and round grinding
  • Prototype production
  • Polishing
  • Laser surfacing
  • Marking of parts
  • Surface and heat treatment
  • Optimization and consulting

Gallery of tool shop

„Snažte se dělat věci nejlépe na světě a svět si vyšlape cestičku k Vaším dveřím.“ - Tomáš Baťa, 1876-1932

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CADYVA tools & fixtures s.r.o.
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