Plastic molding plant

We implement various projects according to the wishes of our customers. We start the development phase of concepts and prototypes and then implement the final products. Thanks to our own tool shop, plastic molding plant, and precise development team, we are a fully self-sufficient production company. We effectively ensure the entire production process on our own without the involvement of external partners. In addition, our plastic molding plant is equipped with modern equipment.

We supply our products for the construction, electrical and automotive industries.

The most frequently processed materials in our plastic molding plant include: ABS, POM, PA6, PA6.6, as well as mixtures with glass fibers and many other materials.

In addition to the production of plastic parts, we are also able to offer assembly of subassemblies according to the requirements of our customers.

Manufacturing process

Product construction

Development of plastic molding

Prototype production

Plastic injection

Consulting activity

Gallety of plastic molding plant

„Snažte se dělat věci nejlépe na světě a svět si vyšlape cestičku k Vaším dveřím.“ - Tomáš Baťa, 1876-1932

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